We will make your data look well

Dosens sheets in Excel and hundreds pivot table usually serve the purpose of conveying two-three bottom lines. If you show us your outcome – yes, you still need to make the analysis – my will translate it into language of pictures, icons and graphics. Quickly and effectively.

Data visualisation


You know more than us about BI and how to collect and analyse data. We know something about correlations and other Cronbach’s alphas. But, we know how to show all these data on one, simple yet powerful graphic.

Maps are good example. Below you see a map made from publicly available data regarding world's population, its growth slip by continents. 

The design is fully responsive - when you click map - charts highlight, when you click a chart, map zooms.

Try yourself!

Do you imagine your data presented this way? If not - even better! We will show you all the potential sitting in your humble data. 


Most of all we use paper-pencil approach together with common sense. Secondly we use professional software that helps us bridl all these rows and columns. Depending on the actual data, sometimes we use “only” Adobe Photoshop, sometimes it is necessary to use Tableau.


Here is what you might expect. 

Demographic infographic


Charts and icons