Our projects

Our Clients entrust us the most confidential information.
This part will be quite unusual, because showing what one has done and at the same time not showing it, is a real challenge!

We have worked in consulting industry and we know what work rate is in this field, what are the expectations and deadlines.


One of the leading consulting firms, highly-specialised in a niche field, contacted us at about noon, with the request to make improvements in  a presentation for a conference, which started at 9.00 the following day.

It involved three presentations, prepared by three consultants, on three different subjects. Each presentation had 20-30 slides. A very big challenge.

Conference slides are very demanding, they must look perfectly in terms of graphics, they are big in size and they should have little content to read, while they should have a lot of graphics and photos strengthening a message.


The first presentation was sent just before midnight, the other two just before 6:00. At about 8:00 we were still able to introduce slight corrections (upon recalculation of the data).

We received never-ending ovation.


In different divisions of the company there were different models, many managers used their own graphic ideas, which – often good when taken separately – combined into greater whole, created inconsistent and unclear image.

Presentations are part of a company’s image. When they are elegant and readable, they highlight the seriousness of a company.

Visual coherence between all the divisions was very important for our Client. We helped him to meet this objective.


Presentation in a booklet form for investors

Our Client first wanted to send the offer in PDF format to investors. He had several hundred slides from the past, in various forms, colours, even in various sizes. We prepared the presentation/the offer consisting of 70 slides in A4 format, which not only looked well on the screen, but also on paper. The Client wanted us to work in PowerPoint so that he could make final corrections on his own. Each potential investor received the presentation a week before the meeting in person with CEO of our Client.

Presenation at the meeting

During the meeting investors saw a completely different presentation – twenty, very graphic slides that were telling the story of setting up the company, its values and plans. Without difficult tables full of data, charts, photos of one hundred employees etc. The CEO was speaking and the slides strengthened his arguments and the message. It was a multimedia presentation, there was a short film promoting the company, some slides were animated.