Why do you need us?

A dislike for boring slides binds us together.


We spent a lot of our time, sitting in conference halls and watching horrible slideshows from a presentation prompter (table of contents with the details of the major headings on the wall) which was only the cover of a speaker’s back (“it was on the slides, so you had to watch”). Slidere was established as a voice of protest against it – we have had enough of this!

“My goal is to say more with fewer words, and the presentation medium forces you to put all your thoughts into a consumable sequence” – said Mark Templeton, CEO of Citrix. Besides, he thinks that he owes his promotion from the position of the middle-grade manager to the chief to … good slides.

We will make really great slides for You and we will show You how to present them. However, we don’t guarantee You will get promoted to CEO – it’s more up to You.


Jan Sebastian studied in many fields, mostly in completely useless yet extremely interesting ones. He is familiar with formgeschichtliche Methode as well as with countertransference. 

He worked for a few consultancies before founded his own business. He aquires clients, dispatches tasks (and cash). Also, he himself does the slides, but there are better than him in this industry. 


A woman of Renaissance. She will spot every missing come (including the Oxford ones) and heroically defends writing “no” with particles separately (only in Polish though). She know people, from infants to seniors. Besides Slidere she teaches other woman about femininity. 

She takes care of logistics and organizational stuff. Stuff no one ever thinks of. Thanks to her, we can actually work.


He understands the difference between apology and sophism. He has been through the mill for a while: he will bake biscotti and recommend cogniac.


Fail is a orphant, while Slidere has two fathers. He is one of them. He does templates, colors. He will pick deck recreating form scratch or scribble. After a short chat, he will gladly offer some – yes – out of the box solutions.


Being fluent in few exotic languages she is our graphic guru. She studied visual arts, worked for creative agencies, but always remained a freelancer.

She focuses on design, she has a lot of talent and exquisite taste.


We want people to communicate simply, so that they understand each other using images and short texts. 

We take part in visual revolution.


Wierzymy, We believe that good and efficient communication is simple.  Einstein was right: if you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough.

We simplify and help present complex data. 


Our brand name is a Latin neologism. It belongs to the second conjugation: slideo, slidere. Just like adstupere (be astonished), audere (dare), docere (inform), and favere (support) – all these define us and our approach to your business.
And your data.